Trouble sleeping?

Chronic lack of sleep can have such devastating effects on your physical and emotional health, impacting on your work, family and social life.

Let me help you

I have developed a natural, drug-free and highly effective treatment programme for treating insomnia. I have a wealth of experience gained by helping both adults and children.

No two people are the same - there are so many reasons for insomnia and many different ways that it can effect us. For this reason I make sure that each treatment package is designed specifically for you.

First, I will listen to you, and understand the exact nature of your sleeping problem, the reasons behind it and how it affects you. I will then work with you to design an individualised treatment plan, using a combination of cognitive behavioural therapy, practical lifestyle changes, relaxation, visualisation and hypnotherapy.

We will explore:

  • bedtime routine & habits
  • faulty beliefs about sleep and any negative message that your tell yourself
  • use of stimulants and/ or sleeping pills
  • lifestyle factors
  • how you manage not sleeping and the consequences of a poor night’s sleep.

I will teach you relaxation shills and self hypnosis to help you enjoy bedtime and sleep.

Contact me for more information

Relax…and stop thinking about sleep!

Mob: 07957 219755


I can help you with:

Please take a look at my pages:

  • anxiety
  • phobias
  • stress & anger management
  • pain management
  • bereavement
  • domestic violence
  • chronic health conditions
  • self esteem & confidence issues

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact me to discuss specific issues in confidence.




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